Speeding up WordPress sites since 2010

BlogNitro works with bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profits to speed up WordPress websites and blogs and non-WordPress websites.  The benefits include:

  1. Visitors will be happier if they can get what they want quickly.
  2. Longer visits. If it is slow they will leave or see fewer of your pages.
  3. Happier visitors who stay longer have a better chance of spending more.
  4. Visitors with a dial-up Internet connection will visit your site because they can.
  5. Although quite a tiny factor, Google does look at speed factors now when ranking websites. Be faster and rank better.
  6. Google and other search engines can index more pages on your website.

You can read more here about why Google thinks speed is important.


Improving your Speed Statistics

Before and After Speed Statistics for the second round of optimization. This site originally loaded in 7 seconds.